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Hello my friends,

Once again, thanks to Xunta de Galicia I have now the opportunity to write this post for you, with information about accessible restaurants in Galicia.

Have you ever try the Padrón Peppers, The Galician Patty, the mussels or Octopus “A Feira? Well, these are just a few examples of the Galician cuisine, which has managed to find the balance between the typical dishes and the innovative.

The cuisine is part of the culture of the Galician people. It´s very famous its seafood because the proximity of the coast, but you can enjoy as well a fantastic meat as beef, which is very tender and juicy. Try its different kinds of cheeses as Tetilla, Arzúa-Ulloa, Cebreiro or San Simon Da Costa. And, of course, you cannot forget the deserts, the most famous is the Santiago´s Pie (made with almonds, sugar and eggs) and the Curd (served with honey).

The best companion for all these dishes has to be a good wine, and as you can imagine, you will find a high variety of this drink, but the most famous is the “Albariño”.

Today, I would like to share with you a few restaurants where to enjoy the fantastic cuisine in Galicia. However, I have to warn you that due to the laws of heritage, not all the restaurants are 100% adapted, but I will leave you all the information to avoid any surprise if you decide to visit one of them.



La Ultramar is situated in one of the most important museums of Galicia, The Pontevedra´s Museum. It is a unique space, as its cuisine.

The restaurant is divided into two areas, one more informal, a bar with tables and high stools. And another more quiet and cosy accessible.


I found an exciting menu where the protagonists are the local products and the cultural fusion. You will have the choice to discover an intensive cooking with Mexican and Asian influences.

My recommendations, in that case, are Passioned tomatoes, Gyozas and the sea bass ceviche.


All the restaurant is accessible.

There are no steps.

The accessible toilet has gar bars and free space under the sink to approach in a wheelchair.




It is located in the heart of Santiago of Compostela, in front of the “Abastos” Market.

It is a perfect place where enjoy the gastronomy at any time of the day; you can start with a delicious breakfast, take an aperitive in the middle of the morning, take or lunch or dinner.

Its team are young cookers who mixed the traditional dishes with new flavours and food experiences, always working with fresh and season products. I recommend you to try the “Albondigas” stewed with Padron peppers and almonds and the hake cocked as the traditional way.


At the entrance, there is a step of 5cm.

To reach the accessible toilet you have to use the elevator which is accessible.

The toilet is big enough, has two bar transfers (one is fixed in the wall, and a folding bar). There is also free space under the sink to approach with your wheelchair.




It is situated in a building from the XVII century, very close to the Santiago´s Cathedral. It is a beautiful space with an interior garden where delighted yourself with a delicious meal.

Cookers take the best of the traditional gastronomy to bring you the same flavours in a modern format but always respecting the tradition.What I recommend for you here are the Clams and the frying fish.



At the entrance, there is a step, but they have a portable ramp.

All the interior is accessible by ramps, even the garden.

There is an accessible toilet with bars.

The sink is not accessible, first, because to activate the water you have to press a pedal located on the floor. And the second reason is that the furniture doesn´t permit approach to the sink in a wheelchair.

When I visited the restaurant they were working on an APP to read the menu for blind people. I hope you can enjoy this APP soon.


In the Market of A Pobra de Caramiñal (A Coruña), we can find this wonderful place with great views. The restaurant is located on the first floor of this modern building.

Traditional cuisine and the best views come together in this place to make us enjoy every bite. Do not leave without trying the special dish: the octopus “A Feira.



The restaurant is on the first floor, you can reach it by stairs or lift, but the lift is a bit small, and the doors opened just 70cm.

The toilet is accessible with grab bars.

Accessible sink with free space to approach it.

There is a ramp to go out to the terrace.





Probably one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve been. It is located in the most typical place of Costa da Morte, in Finisterre Cape and its views are spectacular.

The wonderful environment in which it is located will not leave you indifferent, as will your special Patty of the day or the scallops.


There is a reserved car parking.

There is a very long ramp to reach the restaurant. If you can´t do it with your wheelchair, the restaurant gives you the chance to go up with a smart, but you have to be able to pass from your wheelchair to the car.


There is an adapted toilet with grab bars.

Accessible sink with free space to approach it.






So, dear friends, as I said at the beginning of the post, not all of the restaurants are 100% accessible, but I´ve tried to give you all the information about them, just in the case that you visit Galicia soon and you want to enjoy its fabulous cuisine. I know how complicated is find adapted restaurants in the old cities, I hope this post helps you.



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